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Floral Wall Pocket with Vintage Style

Floral Wall Pocket with Vintage Style

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Fill your farmhouse style to the brim with a Vintage style floral wall pocket with herbal graphic and red and green quality silk flowers. Set this light weight arrangement on an entry table or in a screened porch area, or hang from a wall by the metal handle. The mixture of Vintage Style Floral Wall Pocket

Introducing Our Vintage Style Floral Wall Pocket – Elevate Your Farmhouse Chic Decor!

Bring a touch of timeless elegance to your farmhouse style with our Vintage Style Floral Wall Pocket. This exquisite arrangement boasts high-quality faux silk florals in a rich green and dark red color palette. Whether placed on an entry table, showcased in a screened porch, or hung from a wall by its charming metal handle, this lightweight arrangement effortlessly enhances your space.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Faux Silk Florals: Lifelike and enduring, our silk florals mimic the beauty of real flowers without the maintenance.
  • Vintage-Inspired Metal Wall Pocket: The unique container adds a rustic charm, creating a focal point that complements your farmhouse chic decor.
  • Rich Fall Colors: The mixture of dried-look flowers in rich fall hues adds warmth and sophistication to your home throughout the seasons.
  • Versatile Placement: Set it on an entry table, display it in a screened porch, or hang it on the wall – the choice is yours.
  • Professional Floral Designer Craftsmanship: Designed by a professional florist with years of experience, ensuring every detail reflects quality and artistry.

For Discerning Home Decorators:

This product is tailored for those who appreciate the finer details of home decor. Crafted by a professional floral designer, it exudes sophistication and artistry. Perfect for year-round use, this wall pocket is designed for the farmhouse chic enthusiast who values high-quality floral arrangements as a statement piece in their styled home. Elevate your decor with a touch of timeless beauty that lasts.

Transform your space with the enduring charm of our Vintage Style Floral Wall Pocket. Order now to bring the essence of a professionally designed farmhouse chic aesthetic into your home.

Vintage Style Floral Wall Pocket
dried-looking flowers with rich fall colors pair well with a unique metal container.

We pride ourselves on quality florals and greenery from sources we have acquired over years of making our designs as a professional floral designer.

Item Details:

Height: 19 inches
Width: 16 inches

Caring For Your Blooms

  • Fresh Water: No need to worry about flower food or fancy preservative. Change the water in your vase every 24-48 hours and you'll notice your flowers last way longer.
  • Clean Container: Run your vase or container through the dishwasher between each flower delivery to avoid bacteria. (This can decrease the shelf life of your blooms.)
  • Cool Tempratures: Flowers last longer if they are kept in cooler temperatures. No need to place them in a cooler or refrigerator but it's best to avoid placing your flowers right next to the heater.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Direct light can have a dramatic effect on the shelf life of your blooms. Keep them out of the sun and avoid harsh bright lighting conditions.

Arrangement Size Reference

Standard: A smaller arrangement that can be carried with one hand. It will be perfect for a night stand or office desk. 

Deluxe: Medium-sized arrangement that will make a beautiful accent on a coffee table. 

Premium: Larger statement piece that will compliment a dining room table or kitchen island.

Local Delivery Info

  • We are available for delivery on Tuesday to Friday. Order by 8 p.m. on current day for delivery the following day.

  • Next Day Delivery – We are not typically able to offer delivery on the same day, as we are a boutique florist, busy with ongoing wedding and events, along with our delivery service. We want to give the premium service to All of our clients, and this requires that we have a day’s notice for local deliveries.Larger funeral orders may require up to 3 days notice.
  • What if the recipient is not home to receive the flowers? We text or call the recipient’s phone number at the time of delivery and ask that they let us know if they will Not be available during our 2-3 hour time frame of deliveries. If the recipient is not home, we will Not leave the flowers outdoors. We will make attempts to contact the recipient and the sender, if necessary, in order to clarify how to deliver your flowers safely. If this is not possible they will be returned to the studio and redelivery will be attempted the next day.Any additional delivery attempts may be chargeable.
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